Infinity Beauty Centre (IB)

Infinity Beauty Centre (IB)


infinity Beauty Centre (IB)是CarolNail的擴展,公司建立於2016年。除了美甲,還有美容、美體服務,及醫學美容。續由我一往的「Giving you the best 」的待客宗旨,Infinity Beauty Centre 的使命是: 以客為主,不硬銷,療程可單次購買,所有產品價錢透明化以及良好的售後服務。我們希望經過我們的專業幫助客人解決各種類型的皮膚問題,從而找回女人的美麗及自信。

infinity Beauty Centre (IB)is an extention of Carol-Nail and founded in 2016 ,it provided skin care treatment and body slimming services shortly after . Our Infinity Beauty Centre work continued by the mission 「Giving you the best 」: to be customer-oriented ,not hard-selling, always transparent in our pricing and with a thoughtful after services. We hope that our professional can help customers solve various types of skin problems ,thereby finding the beauty and confidence of the guests.
As from today onwards, please love yourself more because
———through trust,  you will find infinite beauty💞

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